Instant Pot Jook (Rice Porridge)

instant pot jook congee

John’s been sick with flu so I made jook. When Koreans get sick, this is what we eat. It’s comforting, satisfying and easy on the stomach. Jook is rice porridge, and usually takes a while to make. I had some leftover white rice in the fridge, so threw it in the Instant Pot and was wonderfully surprised at how silky the texture was compared to making porridge from uncooked rice.

To make it from cooked rice, just put in the instant pot, cover with 2 inches of water (above the rice), and set to porridge. DO NOT QUICK RELEASE! It will get stuck in the valve, just let it come to natural pressure release. At this point, add more water to your liking, or eat it as is. It’s great with soy sauce drizzled, with furikake  (japanese rice seasoning), or just plain. Of course, Koreans eat it with kimchi on the side! In China, this is always served at breakfast, too and depending where you are in the north/south, they’ll call it congee. It’s so versatile! In Thailand, we had a pork/lemongrass version and it was amazing – still trying to recreate it somehow at home, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to, but try the plain version and add whatever you like: cooked chicken, peanuts, cilantro, ground pork, etc. It makes a great weeknight meal, too, especially for the days you’ve already eaten a lot of junk!

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2 Replies to “Instant Pot Jook (Rice Porridge)”

  1. I love this stuff, would eat it for breakfast most mornings when I lived in Vietnam and Hong Kong. Agree that the Thai version with lemongrass is yum too. I have only just bought my instant pot and have not yet made this, but on the stove I made it with chickenbroth, onions, and root veg, ginger and a couple of lime leaves.
    I am getting a yearning for this now, but follow a reduced carb diet these days for health reasons, so am going to play around with the rice to veg ratio and see how that tastes.

  2. Michelle,
    Your version sounds so good and easy! Chrissy Teigen actually has a Thai porridge recipe in her book that Ive been wanting to try – it might be the version we’re both looking for. Thanks for sharing!

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