Review of Instant Pot Mini Mitts

instant pot mini mitt

For the longest time, I was using pot holders to lift out the instant pot liner (the stainless pot you cook the food in) and thought it was fine. Then one day, it slipped out and spilled hot liquid all over the counter. Boo! I kept seeing these as accessories on the amazon site as “Recommended for you” and since they were only about $5 so I decided to order them. I LOVE THESE!!! They have a little part for your thumb to go through, which is exactly how we all lift out our liners and because of the silicone and grip, it never slips out of your hands. I even use this to take things out of the oven, but do be careful because they aren’t meant for that purpose, and the silicone is thinner in some parts, and I’ve felt the heat from the burning pans, but never long enough to burn me. I toss these in the dishwasher, too, when they get gross, and I hang it gripping the oven door handle. It’s made my instant pot life so much easier! If you’re struggling with getting out your liner, get these by clicking here!

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