Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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I got excited thinking Target’s Black Friday sale, and then I remembered I hate crowds. I’ll probably be doing all of my holiday shopping on Cyber Monday instead. So here are a few things I’ve listed for YOU to help you be done with cooking asap! Treat yourself! PS. I am also able to justify every kitchen gadget I want with this argument: It’s cheaper than eating out. Ha!

The Instant Pot Mini (3qt) went down to $52.99 earlier this week, which is right now at $69.99. I don’t know if that was a glitch, but I’m guessing that is how much it’ll go down for Black Friday, if not more! Our family of 4 uses the 6qt, and it’s been good. If you’re feeding 6 or more, I would go with the 8qt.Black Friday/Cyber Monday on Amazon is definitely the best place to get an instant pot, just because they normally have the best prices. It’s where I got mine! If you’re not sure about it, though, then you should get it from Target – it’d be easier to return if you have a store nearby.


Here are some kitchen/cooking accessories you should snag for yourself. Don’t forget to load them in your cart before!


The instant pot lid: It actually fits inside the stainless steel liner pot, but is a loose fit, similar to a slow cooker lid. I use it so I can steam things, get water to boil faster, keep foods from splattering, and to protect food I’ve already cooked.


I use the instant pot lids to lift out the pot – surprisingly tricky to do when it’s still hot! I also use these as regular oven mitts, but you have to be careful because only some parts of them are doubled up on silicone. They’re also handy for taking out the trivet, especially if I’ve cooked with the PIP method (pot-in-pot).


And to use the PIP method, I like to use these Pyrex containers that come with lids. That way, it’s easy to store whatever I’ve cooked. I’ve used them numerous times in the Instant Pot and have never had any problems with them. The lids do tend to form cracks over time, and I wouldn’t trust them to be leakproof, but for storing in the fridge, they’ve been perfectly fine!


We got a beautiful set of Wusthof knives for our wedding over 10 years ago, but this is actually my favorite knife to use in the kitchen. I like how it comes with the protective sheath, so it’s easy to take on picnics for cutting fruit, or camping.


And of course my beautiful robin-egg-blue KitchenAid hand mixer. Isn’t it funny how loving the color of your appliances makes such a difference when you use it? This blue cost $4 more than the white/red one, but it was worth it!! I use this to make MASHED POTATOES, and SHRED CHICKEN.

And this is literally the best can opener I’ve ever used. EVER. And with all the tuna and beans we eat and put in the pot, I want a can opener that just does its job, and does it well.

This is my go-to pressure cooking cookbook. The recipes are fairly easy and most of the ingredients needed are on hand. It’s mostly American, but I feel like it gives you a good idea of how long to cook certain foods/and how to cook them.


This is my other favorite cookbook that is not at all about pressure cooking. It’s divided into seasons, so you use the foods that are available at their peak, and the recipes really are fast and easy! Each season has beef, chicken, pork, fish, sides, desserts, and vegetarian recipes. I was surprised that their bulgogi recipe was legit! Who knew?! Their desserts are also amazing. It’s just beautifully done and there is a picture for each recipe – which is very important to me!


So there you have a few of my favorite things. These are affiliate links, which helps to keep the blog running, because buying your own domain is not cheap! Thanks for supporting the site, and happy (online) shopping!



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