Instant Pot Beef/Radish Soup (무우국)

instant pot moo gook beef radish soup

Wow, “beef and radish” does not sound appetizing together! But, I promise, this is a really yummy soup and super fast (cooks in 10 minutes) to make. It also works as the base of a lot of other Korean soups. Omit the radish and boil rice cakes in the broth for 3 minutes, add a beaten egg […]

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

instant pot goguma sweet potato

One of our favorite breakfasts. So rich in vitamin c, fiber and potassium! These are Japanese sweet potatoes or 고구마. Choose ones that feel rock hard and are rich purple. Fill pot with 1.5 cups of water, insert steam rack and position 2-3 medium-sized goguma inside. Set the vent to sealing and put on manual […]